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upon Government Decree No. SR 738/2000 to proposal on establishment of Integrated network of regional development agencies

Based on a wide partnership

  • Bratislava Self-Governing Region
  • City of Senec
  • Regional Association of Podunajsko
  • Bratislava Regional Branch of the Slovak Chamber of Commerce and Industry
  • Slovak Chamber of Crafts
  • NGO No-Gravity

Our Mission

  • Social and economic development
  • Preparation and implementation of projects and programmes which are focused on energy, consumer protection, social affairs, education, health, entrepreneurship, sustainable regional development
  • Activation of stakeholders in the Bratislava region, nationwide and internationally to be capable to absorb the IPA/ENI, EU funds, programmes and initiative
  • Support for partnership establishment
  • Catalyst for international cooperation
  • Promotion and implementation of EU Twinning projects

international experts

20+ Years of Experiece

Catalyzed Economic Growth

Contributed to the significant economic growth of the region through strategic investments and development programs.

EU Project Expertise

Successfully managed and executed numerous EU projects, channeling funds and expertise towards economic development.

Job Creation

Facilitated job creation through entrepreneurship and industry support, reducing unemployment rates and increasing prosperity.

Innovation Ecosystem

Nurtured a thriving innovation ecosystem, supporting startups, research centers, and technological advancements.

Sustainable Practices

Promoted sustainable practices in urban and rural areas, achieving environmental preservation and resource management.

Cultural Enrichment

Supported cultural initiatives, festivals, and heritage preservation, fostering a vibrant and diverse community.

Education Enhancement

Invested in educational institutions, increasing access to quality education and developing a skilled workforce.

Cross-Border Collaboration

Established fruitful cross-border collaborations, enabling mutual growth and addressing common challenges.

Awards and Recognition

Received awards and recognition for our outstanding contributions to regional development and sustainability.

Community Engagement

Engaged with local communities through participatory planning, ensuring projects reflect the needs and aspirations of the people.

Strategic Partnerships

Developed strategic partnerships with governments, NGOs, and private sector entities locally and globally to maximize the impact of our projects.

Transparency and Accountability

Maintained a high level of transparency and accountability in all activities, earning the trust of stakeholders.

Social Inclusion

Advocated for social inclusion and equality, working to reduce disparities and improve the overall well-being of the community.

Digital Transformation

Embraced digital transformation to modernize services and streamline administrative processes.

Adaptation to EU Policies

Aligned regional development strategies with EU policies and guidelines to optimize resource allocation and project effectiveness.

Regional Branding

Implemented branding strategies to position the region as a hub for innovation, culture, and economic development.

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