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We are your one-stop destination for EU project management, consultancy, and regional development solutions, guiding you from conceptualization to implementation, and fostering holistic growth for your organization and the communities we serve.


EU Twinning is at the core of our expertise, where we facilitate knowledge exchange, institutional reform, and capacity-building, strengthening governance and fostering harmonious development.


Our regional development initiatives are designed to empower regions with customized solutions, leveraging our expertise to drive economic growth, infrastructure development, and community well-bein.


With a track record of successful EU Technical Assistance involvement, we are committed to delivering tangible results by combining our expertise with your vision, ensuring effective capacity-building and impactful transformation.


Our Visegrad Fund projects showcase our dedication to addressing common challenges and seizing opportunities in the Visegrad Group, creating a more vibrant and interconnected community for the benefit of all.


As a dedicated partner for Erasmus+ project we assist with project planning, application submissions, and project management, aiming to make the benefits of Erasmus+ accessible to our partners.


Discover our active involvement in Interreg Slovak-Austria and Slovak-Hungary, where we foster cross-border collaboration, infrastructure development, and economic growth to enhance the quality of life in these regions.


Join us in our efforts to make the world a better place through Slovak Aid initiatives. Learn how we're fostering positive change and providing assistance to those in vulnerable situations worldwide.


Discover the impact of our Interreg Danube initiatives, where we collaborate with neighboring countries to address common challenges, enhance infrastructure, and create a more integrated and vibrant Danube region.

Since 2008


Fully mandated body by EC

As a fully mandated body by the EC, we carry out our projects with the highest level of authority and expertise, ensuring that our efforts contribute significantly to the EU's overarching goals and objectives.

Expert Body for Twinning implementation

We serve as the expert body for twinning implementation, leveraging our in-depth knowledge and experience to facilitate successful partnerships and cooperation between organizations, fostering growth and development.

Umbrella of state institutions

We serve as the trusted umbrella organization for state institutions engaged in twinning projects, providing a unified platform for collaboration, knowledge sharing, and streamlined project management, fostering synergy among our diverse partners.

Wide Twinning experiences

Our extensive portfolio showcases wide-ranging twinning experiences, demonstrating our commitment to facilitating successful collaborations across diverse sectors and regions.

Overall Project Management

With a focus on overall project management excellence, we take care of every detail, from inception to completion, allowing our partners to confidently navigate complex projects while achieving their strategic goals.

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